Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: The hell with Bob Iger, I say!
From: (Carol Miller-Tutzauer)
Date: 1991-04-12, 07:17

Ok, TP has been cancelled AGAIN!  This is ridiculous.  What
now?  Another write in campaign?  And what good will that do?
Clearly, Bob Iger is determined to kill TP.  How can the 
show (or any show) be expected to survive under the abhorrent
conditions that have been instigated by that unmentionable

	1.  Multiple day/time-slot changes
	2.  Repeated "hiatus" incidents
	3.  Ultimately scheduling against Cheers, #1 prog in America

I suppose, we will now be called upon to "rally round" once again
to throw "good money after bad".  

Well....I have a suggestion.  Let's face it.  TP is dead on any
major network.  Where do Frost & Lynch think their best shot is?
Fox?  USA?  Maybe we should direct our efforts to getting 
someone else to pick up the show and not pull out all the
dirty network tricks Iger has used to kill it.  No multiple
time-slot moves, no hiatus garbage, proper lead-in, etc!

The truth is, I thought that one interesting way to continue
the show would be for Frost/Lynch to continue making 1hour
just like going to the movies in the 40s & 50s -- when will
the next episode in the "thin man" series be out!  Design
the episodes for limited run times.  They are short, so you
can run the episodes many times in a day...or even between
major movies.  Couple the episodes with off-the-wall stuff
by independent film-makers, or what about those animated
shorts that no one ever gets to see?  Don't use traditional
promotion channels....depend on the cult network (COOP, etc.).

Now THAT would be something!  Doesn't everyone know that
the movie-going public has simply been lulled into a state of
Zombie-ism?  A little SHOCK therapy is in order!!!