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Subject: Different Endings...What if...
From: shawn@Aardvark.PDX.COM (Shawn Allen)
Date: 1991-04-13, 21:26
Reply-to: shawn@Aardvark.PDX.COM (shawn allen)

	I remember hearing somewhere that Linch filmed 3 different
	scences with a different killer (of laura) in each so that
	the actors didn't even know which one of them killed her..

	What if he decides to show those endings to the folks 
	overseas...say Europe gets Leo as the killer and NZ and Aust.
	get Ben Horne..etc.

	Then all our 'giving' away the surprise ending to those viewers
	is really not.

	Just thought that I would throw that out for you to chew on.


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