Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: GEMINI Symbol and more
From: (Rocky Giovinazzo)
Date: 1991-04-13, 14:40

	At the end of the 4/11 episode, we see the hooded figure
appear over a shot of the 1/2 moon.  This half moon corresponds to 
the gemini symbol on Catherine's "gift" from Eckhardt-- (yet another
reference to "twins").  I wonder how these moon phases correspond
with the progression of the show?
	Something I noticed about the 4/4 show was this:  In the
scene where Harry's sitting drunk in front of the record player
(i.e. one of BOB/Leland's favorite things), Coop tells Harry
that although he's lost Josie, his life still belongs to him.
When Laura died, James said that his life didn't any longer
belong to him, but that his life belonged to Laura.  Geez,
when does your life belong to you and when does it belong
to your dead love?
	I realize that it's too late to bother discussing this
due to the demise of the show, but it seems like the something
that's "missing" from the show, the something that may have kept
so many viewers continuing to watch the show last year, is not just the 
feeling of "dread" (as mentioned in earlier posts), but also the fear of 
a real killer on the loose and the lack of strong emotional response by 
the people of Twin Peaks to death that we saw when Laura died.  I
personally am more than satisfied by every episode but many people may
have just tuned out because of this problem.  We haven't seen 
the town "torn apart," nor Andy cry for a while, nor the closing of things 
like the mill or high school when Maddy, Josie, Harold, Jean, Jefferey
Marsh, Malcom, Eckhardt, Jonathan, or Eric Powell died.  It's as 
if murder has become commonplace and no longer bothers anyone.  Of course, 
none of those people mentioned were Twin Peaks natives, but Josie and Harold 
at least lived in Twin Peaks for quite some time and Maddy seemed to 
have grown close to the community.
	On the first note, yes, I realize that Windham is loose, 
but the problem is that no one seems to care much.  We haven't
heard about any late night curfews anymore.  The townspeople haven't
gathered together and people are no longer behaving with fear in their hearts. 
If Cooper gathered people together when Laura was killed to discuss 
the possibility of a serial killer on the loose, then he certainly 
should have told them about Windom in a similar meeting.  Killing by 
means of a parallel chess game is pretty "serial" if you ask me.  
Windom hasn't seemed to kill any characters we KNOW yet-- the closest 
we came to fearing Windom was the great scene where WE visited Donna alone
in her living room (I thought she might be killed at any moment).
	Maybe it's because we can "see" what Windom is doing and thinking
quite a lot in the show.  When WKLP was the question, the murderer could
only be represented by our imaginations.  Now it's almost as if we
are being given the chance to understand the murderer's motives.
	At this point, all we can seem to hope for is a possible resolution
in the 2-hour episode to questions like, what happened to Josie? 
How are the hooded figure, WE, BOB, LMFAP, the Giant, Owl Cave, and other
oddities related?  What's "under" Twin Peaks?  Why did James tell us that it 
made "some kind of terrible sense" that Laura died? and Who's the cream 
corn kid?

Rocky Giovinazzo