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Subject: Re: Comments/questions on 4/11
From: jms@vanth.UUCP (Jim Shaffer)
Date: 1991-04-13, 12:01

In article <183B378F404040A5@WVNVMS.WVNET.EDU> UN040377@WVNVAXA.WVNET.EDU writes:
> >
> >* I have no ideas about the cave "map", but I'm sure that by next
> >Thursday we'll have the whole thing analyzed on here.  I did notice
> >one thing: the symbol beside the fire was one of the planetary
> >symbols, although I can't remeber which.  Saturn, maybe?  I also think
> >this was the only planetary symbol on the map, so maybe this is where
> >the "aliens" are from, if they are indeed aliens.

It was Jupiter or Saturn beside the fire, I'm not sure which.  Either one
is uninhabitable by humanoids (or most probably any carbon-based life at
all), but that didn't stop George Adamski from selling lots of books
because the general public didn't know any better.  But I digress...  It's
possible that the aliens or whatever aren't physical beings, but some sort
of thought-form, elemental, demon, whatever.  (This occasionally gets
proposed in real UFOlogy as well, though it would probably mean that the
scars on abductees weren't the result of incisions but were something
related to stigmata.)

There were other planetary symbols:  Mars was a short distance to the lower
left of the flame, and Neptune was somewhere else I don't remember (a
longer distance to the upper left, maybe.)  There could've been more; I
still haven't been able to make out much of the diagram.  I wonder if any
insights could be realized by plotting these symbols and comparing them to
the actual aspects at different times.	Of course we don't know if they're
heliocentric, geocentric, or what.  Or it could all be gibberish.

Before I forget, the circle turned out to be neither standing stones nor
candles.  It was trees.  How about "Stairway To Heaven"?  "In my thoughts I
have seen rings of smoke through the trees..."  "And the forests will echo
with laughter..."

> >* The thing inside the "puzzle box" had astrological signs on it, and
> >moon phases.

Some of them were astrological signs.  I could've sworn that the one on the
right side of the circle looked like a paw print, though.  I can't think of
any sign which looks like that.  Maybe another half-hearted (I could've
said another organ...) attempt at realism, like the chess game?

> >he thought that this was yet *another* box, and figured it would open
> >the same way the outer one did.  Does anybody know what this object
> >is?  This is one of the most intriguing things on the show now.  A

I think somewhere in the abduction literature there are references to black
boxes, with the abductees not remembering anything about them except
"you'll know what to do with it when the time comes."  Scary stuff!

> >Well, that's about all I can think of.  Can't wait till next week!

Mixed feelings about next week.  I wonder how badly the plots are going to
get botched in order to finish them off?  And assuming Lynch wants to try
to find another network to carry the show, how is he going to have any
plots left?  (Of course, he could always start up *new* plots, but everyone
seems to be having at least a vague apocalyptic feeling about this whole
Black Lodge/White Lodge thing.	What do you do after you discover the
ultimate secret?  Of course, this didn't stop the "One Life To Live" people
from just ending the Eterna plot with no followup.  Argh...)

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