Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: RS: Compilation of the mystery (was Re: RS: things to answer)
From: (Luis Ramos)
Date: 1991-04-13, 21:54

I spent a lot of time reviewing my tapes in order to compile the various
pieces of the MYSTERY only to find out that BOB Glickstein beat me to it :( 
just as I was about to post it. Both lists had some common material although
there were some items on my list which I didn't find on Bob's list and vice
versa. Thus, I decided to *integrate* and *organize* both lists. 


1. Where are the Black and White Lodges?
2. Was the palazzo [palace] in the vision, which Maj. Briggs described to 
   Bobby, the White Lodge? Will Maj. Brigg's vision of Bobby come true? 
3. When Cooper asked the OAM where Bob was, was the OAM describing the Black 
   Lodge (i.e. "... many rooms all alike but occupied by different souls
   night after night")?
4. Is there a connection between Tibet and the White and Black Lodges?
5. Cooper tells Albert "You'd be amazed at the connection between [Twin Peaks 
   and Tibet]".  What did he mean?
6. What is it about Twin Peaks that things like a high-school prostitution 
   ring can exist?  Is it just the normal underbelly of rural America, or is 
   there some evil that permeates the whole town, a la "It" or "The 
7. What, exactly, is the charter of the Bookhouse Boys (something about 
   protecting Twin Peaks from the evil in the woods...)? What event 
   precipitated its formation; when, and by whom?
8. Where is Pearl Lakes in relation to Twin Peaks, and how does it tie in to 
   the mystery?

1. What does the petroglyph mean? Who drew them in the Owl Cave?
2. What do the "drawings" on the box mean? Where did Eckhardt get it? Why did 
   he have it given to Catherine?
3. What do the tattoos on the Log Lady and Maj. Briggs mean (could it be a
   bird, a plane, no ... its ...)? What happened to Maj. Briggs and the Log 
   Lady when they dissapeared? Were they abducted by aliens? Why don't they 
   have any memory of what happened to them? Is there anybody else in TP who 
   may have had similar circumstances?
4. Who sent the messages (i.e., "The Owls Are Not What They Seem") picked up
   by the Air Force monitors and shown by Maj. Briggs to Cooper?
5. What information (claimed to be confidential) has been gathered under the 
   Blue Book Project? What does Twin Peaks have to do with Project Blue Book?
6. What does Coop's dream mean? What does his most recent "vision" mean 
   (the one just after Josie dies)?
7. Why did Cooper dream about Tibet? 
8. What does the LMFAP signify?  (Cooper wasn't entirely on the mark when
   he drew the easy parallel between Leland and LMFAP.)
9. After the Giant vanishes for the second time, a bright bit of SFX flashes 
   into Cooper's body. What about it?
10. What is the full meaning of MIKE's poem?
11. Is there any meaning behind Harriet's poem (I saw Laura glowing...)?

1. What are the owls?
2. Who is BOB? Where is he now? What does BOB have to do with what happened in
   Pittsburgh? Why did Cooper have an affair with WE's wife?
3. Who is the Giant? Is SDC (Senor Drool Cup) an inhabiting spirit or a spirit
   inhabited person? 
4. Who is MIKE? Where is Philip Gerard now?
5. Why do BOB and the Giant not resemble their hosts, but MIKE is only ever 
   seen in Philip Gerard?
6. Cooper asks the Giant, "Where do you come from?" and the Giant responds, 
   "The question is, where have you gone?" Does this imply that Cooper himself
   is transported elsewhere during his visions (as opposed to his visions 
   coming to him).
7. What happened to Josie? What did BOB have to do with her death? How do you 
   account for her weight? Is her spirit in the "knob" just like the spirit of
   the Log Lady's husband is in her log? Why was she sad at the beginning of 
   episode 1000?
8. What's special about Cooper, Briggs, and Margaret, vis a vis their ability 
   to commune with the supernatural?
9. What is the significance of wood?
10. What is the significance of the "Ghostwood" project? What "possessed" 
    (ha-ha) Ben to call it Ghostwood?
11. Where is Laura (her spirit) now?
12. What is the nature of Lana's power over men? Is she a witch?
13. What is the effect of Halperidol? Why does it inhibit spirits from 
    inhabiting a person?
14. Who and what else in TP is inhabited by which spirit? Is there a spirit 
    hiding in the sprinkler system at the Sherrif's station?
15. Why is Nadine super humanly strong?
16. Are the owls manifestations of spirits or are they inhabited by spirits?
17. Why did Ms. Jones try to kill HST? What was that liquid that she applied 
    to Harry's lips?
18. Who and what are the Tremonds? How did the kid magician make the creamed 
    corn disappear?
19. Who and what is Harold Smith? Why is he agoraphobic? Why did he commit 
    suicide? How did he know of the French sentence uttered by the kid 
20. What was the white/grey horse in Sarah's vision?
21. What is the deal with Ben Horne and Donna's mother?
22. Why did Donna want Laura's sunglasses? What explains the change in her 
    personality between 1007 and 2001?
23. What is Benjamin's role in the evil that permeates Twin Peaks?
24. How did Andrew Packard survive his "accident" and fool people into thinking
    that he is dead? Who else is thought to be dead but is actually alive?
25. Who is the father of Lucy's baby? What is the deal with Little Nikie?
26. Do the Renaults have another brother?
27. Was there something supernatural about the shadowed figure in the woods 
    with Leo, and if so, did Leo know about it?
28. The hooded figure from 2019:  related to the figure in the woods with Leo?
    How about the figure that appeared when Briggs vanished?
29. What happened forty years ago? Is there a link between "forty years ago" 
    and the music that Leland/BOB danced to?
30. What is the deal with James?

1. Why did BOB start appearing to Laura? Was he always (ever?) in Leland 
   during those visits?
2. Why did BOB kill Laura?  (I [Bob G.] don't buy what BOB told us in 2009.)
3. Why did BOB kill Theresa Banks?
4. Beside the fact that it just happened to precede her death, what did the 
   events at Jacques' cabin have to do with BOB killing Laura?  (Cooper's 
   dream led the way to the cabin; it had to have more significance.)
5. How did Ronette's IV turn blue?  How and why did she wind up with a 
   fingernail letter?
6. Why was BOB spelling ROBERT (in an apparently random order)?
7. Laura's clinical cause of death was blood loss.  She survived the Waldo 
   attack to meet BOB at the train car.  Did something besides his pounding 
   kill her?
8. Laura had come to some sort of decision before she died. What had she 
   resolved? To confront BOB? To sacrifice herself? Whatever she decided, did 
   she succeed or fail?
9. What is the connection between Laura and Cooper? She dreamed about him; 
   does this mean the connection is stronger somehow than simply, "he's the 
   investigator of her murder"?
10. What ritual occurred in the traincar?
11. Ronette recalls Laura's murder in the traincar. She sees BOB in the 
    recollection, not Leland. Why, and how?
12. What did Maddie smell just before she was murdered?
13. Who attacked Dr. Jacoby by the gazebo (Leland, right?) and why
    (jollies?  I don't think so...)?