Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: RS: Hmm, okay, ideas:
From: halcyon! (Demosthenes)
Date: 1991-04-13, 12:40

Sticking to my theory that BOB is currently being hosted in Truman:

I alos think that BOB is an agent for the Black Lodge, and is the guy we 
keep seeing in the hood. Perhaps he is alos the head honcho of the Black 
Lodge. So: It is set up that Earle has backed himself into a corner, and 
Cooper has his choice about ways to kill him. Owls are in every 
surrounding tree. It happens that the resulting Cooper/Earle battle is 
taking place by the waterfall, where Earle had discovered the entryway to 
the Black Lodge. Cooper has his gun trained on Earle, and is about to 
pull the trigger. An owl hoots - and Truman flashes into BOB, to the 
surprise of both Cooper and Earle. Cooper, distracted, turns around and 
points his gun at BOB. Earle takes this opportunity to send a nice bullet 
through Cooper's back - and he falls to the ground, not quite dead. BOB 
runs over to Cooper, and begins to finish the job, traincar-style, with 
owls beginning to change into humanoid forms. One owl turns into Josie. 
As BOB is about to deal the final blow to Cooper, MIKE appears, demanding 
a final battle. BOB pushes Cooper away, and runs toward MIKE>a. ]MIKE is 
ready with a needle filled with the medicine that keeps himself out of 
Gerard's body, and sidesteps as BOB comes toward him, jamming the needle 
into his arm. BOB screams in pain and in anger, and slowly disappears. 
The owl-humans (dare I call them were-owls?) quickly turn back into owls 
and fly off, screeching.

Ummm... that's all I can think of...

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