Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Symbols/motifs in the "^Twin Peaks^" Universe Version 8
From: (Jeffrey Koga)
Date: 1991-04-13, 12:01


Background: This list was first done as a tongue-in-cheek
joke by yours truly, but is now a "canonical" listing of
the legitimate and not-so-legitimate recurring imagery that
occurs frequently in the "^Twin Peaks^" TV show.

Also available: "The 12 Days of Christmas" a la "^Twin Peaks^"
Well, here's the eighth version of this list.
Special thanks go to the following people for contributing:
  Linda Birmingham (twice), Scott L. Vandenberg,
  Ann Hodgins, Jeanne Stapleton, Bradford H. Needham,
  Palmer Davis, "Arachnid", Greg M. Brown, Eric Daniels,
  Ron Sires, Bill Downing, "Scratch", "Rocky" (twice),
  Kathleen Hunt (twice), Bob Hettmansperger, John Locke,
  Nadir Ahmed (twice), Gary Kacmarcik, Marc Kriguer,
  David Barker-Plummer, S. Clark, "Cool Bean", and Kenneth
  Kenneth Bays.

Symbols/motifs in the "^Twin Peaks^" Universe
(last updated 4/13/91, 4/2/91, 3/16/91, 3/4/91, 2/28/91,
2/19/91, 2/8/91, and whenever before that in January):

  1.  Sex, comedy, violence, and rock 'n roll

  2.  Ceiling fan in the Palmer home (connected to Laura's

  3.  Traffic light

  4.  "Invitation to Love" soap opera

  5.  Waterfall outside The Great Northern Inn

  6.  Sprinkler on the Sheriff's Office ceiling

  7.  Coffee, donuts, and cherry pie

  8.  Owls

  9.  Psychic visions

 10.  Trees/forest/wood:
	Forest in/outside Twin Peaks,
	Log Lady's log,
	Bookhouse Boys patch, and
	Doorknob on drawer in The Great Northern Inn

 11.  Dead people:
	Laura Palmer,
	Bernard/Jacque/Jean Renault,
	Emory Bates,
	Blackie O'Reilly,
	Harold Smith,
	Madeleine Ferguson,
	Leland Palmer,
	Eric Powell (dead drifter),
	Jeffery Marsh,
	Malcolm Sloan (Evelyn Marsh's lover),
	Jonathan Kumagi (assistant to Thomas Eckhardt),
	Thomas Eckhardt, and
	Josie Packard

	Also Theresa Banks, the Log Lady's husband (see
	#15), and little Nicky's parents.

 12.  Full/half moon

 13.  Glasses/sunglasses:
	Doctor Jacoby,
	Benjamin Horne,
	Jerry Horne,
	The Log Lady,
	Madeleine Ferguson,
	Laura Palmer/Donna Hayward, 
        Evelyn Marsh, and
	Thomas Eckhardt

 14.  Cigarette/cigar smoking:
	Benjamin Horne,	
	Shelley/Leo Johnson,
	Bobby Briggs,
	Audrew Horne,
	Josie Packard,
	Donna Hayward, and
	Evelyn Marsh

 15.  Fire:
	The Log Lady's husband died in a forest fire,
	"Fire, walk with me",
	"Fire is the devil, hiding like a coward in the
	  smoke"--The Log Lady,
	The scorched smell that Doctor Jacoby and Madeleine
	  Ferguson both smelled when BOB was around,
	Packard sawmill fire, and
	The fire from the fireplace at the Great Northern
          lobby reflecting off Thomas Eckhardt's sunglasses 

 16.  White horse:
	Laura Palmer's pony (Troy) that was seen by Sarah
	  Palmer right before BOB killed Madeleine Ferguson,
	"General" Benjamin Horne's Civil War piece(s), and
	"General" Benjamin Horne's stuffed horse "Traveller"

 17.  Light and dark:
	White/Black Lodge, and
	Chess pieces

 18.  Light fixtures/lightbulbs on the ceiling:
	Sheriff's Office light when Eric Powell is found, and
	Leo/Shelley Johnson's ceiling light when Leo awakens

 19.  Animal heads:
	The mounted deer head in the Sheriff's office with
	  the sign "The Buck Stopped Here"
	The deer head that's on the table when Sheriff Truman
	  and Agent Cooper bring in Laura Palmer's safety
	  deposit box,
	The assortment of trophys in the den (?) in
	  Pete/Catherine Martell's home, 
	The deer head next to Eric Powell,
	The cooked pig head that Josie serves as the main
	  course in the dinner to Catherine Martell and
  	  Thomas Eckhardt, and
	The mounted dear head in the Book House

 20.  Hank's domino

 21.  Chess/chess pieces

 22.  Twins/opposites:
	Agent Cooper/Windham Earle,
	Laura Palmer/Madeleine Ferguson,
	Bernard/Jacque Renault, 
	  Mike Nelson (Nadine Hurley's crush)/Bobby Briggs,
	  Phillip Michael Gerard (the OAM)/Bob Lydecker (vet),
	  Mike (spirit inside OAM)/Killer BOB)
	The Giant/Little Man from Another Place

 23.  "Family trios" (warped versions on Daddy/Mommy/Child): 
	Bobby Briggs/Shelley Johnson/Leo Johnson,
	(Dick Tremayne/Andy)/Lucy Moran/Nicky,
	"Big" Ed Hurley/Norma Jennings/Nadine
	Bobby Briggs/Audrey Horne/Benjamin Horne,
	Malcolm/Evelyn Marsh/James Hurley, and
	(Pete Martell/Andrew Packard/Thomas Eckhardt)/
	  Catherine Martell/Josie Packard

 24.  The color brown

 25.  Lookalikes (characters who physically resemble each
	Benjamin Horne/Leland Palmer,
	Audrey Horne/Donna Hayward, and
	Laura Palmer/Madeleine Ferguson

 26.  Tattoos:
	Major Brigg's neck, and
	The Log Lady's leg

 27.  Red curtains in various dreams/visions/places:
	The Roadhouse stage,
	Agent Cooper's first dream sequence with the Little
	  Man from Another Place, 
	Jacque Renault's log cabin, and
	One Eyed Jacks

 28.  Furry animals:
	The llama,
	Josie Packard's vicuua coat (well, kind of >=)),
	The white animal (fox?) in Benjamin Horne's office, and
	The pine weasel

29.  Picnics:
	Laura Palmer/Donna Hayward/James Hurley,
	Donna Hayward/James Hurley, and
	Audrey Horne/John Wheeler

30.  Items on shelves:
	The Hurley home ("Big" Ed),
	The Palmer's home (fireplace mantle), and
	The Great Northern

31.  Alteregos/characters:
	Madeleine Ferguson/Laura Palmer (in a wig?),
	Hester Prinn (sp?)/Audrey Horne,
	Leo/Bobby (he did an impression of him),
	Mister Tojimura/Catherine Martell,
	Dennis (last name)/Denise,
	(Name and name)/Andy Brennan and Dick Tremayne (when
	  they were looking for little Nicky's file),
	Civil War characters/Benjamin Horne, Jerry Horne,
	  Bobby Briggs, Audrey Horne, and Doctor Jacoby,
	Mr. and Mrs. Inkman/Mike Nelson and Nadine Hurley,	
	Doctor Gerald Craig/Windham Earle, and
	Edward Perkins/Windham Earle
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