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Subject: Re: stonehenge/previews
From: sellis@neon.Stanford.EDU (Steven Clay Ellis)
Date: 1991-04-14, 00:20

In article <5683@wrgate.WR.TEK.COM> johnob@loowit.WR.TEK.COM 
(John Obendorfer -MSD Contractor) writes:
> >   The Stonehenge replica is located in Maryhill, Washington, which is
> >about 35 miles east of The Dalles, on the north shore of the Columbia
> >(read: the middle of nowhere).  The site is on a small bluff overlooking

(stuff about Stonehenge replica deleted)

> >   The mansion is actually a museum, and for some completely unfathomable
> >reason, contains the U.S.'s largest collection of Rodin sculpture.  The

Actually, I believe that Stanford has the world's largest collection
of Rodin sculpture (the collection includes _The Thinker_).  At any
rate, the campus is literally peppered with Rodin's sculptures.  So,
unless Palo Alto is no longer part of the United States (which is
certainly possible given Palo Alto's political tilt).

> >
> >John

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