Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: TP Music - list anyone? (And owls...)
From: (Jim Stafford)
Date: 1991-04-14, 13:57

In article <> (Mary V. Burke) writes:
> >Roar in Norway asks about other non-Badalamenti music in TP.....
> >
> >Well, some other 19th-century piano music crops up in an episode early in 
> >the second season (at least, what constitutes the second season in the 
> >US)--in the show where Leland and Sarah are having dinner at the 
> >Haywards', the previously-unseen third Hayward daughter (Gersten) goes to 
> >the piano and plays the opening section of Mendelssohn's Rondo 
> >Capriccioso, quite a lovely thing.  (Then she does some really impressive 
> >boogie-woogie stuff at the very end, over the credits, but that probably 
> >doesn't count.)
> >
> >And there's whatever opera that is on the TV at Wally's when the cop goes 
> >in there after whatsisname's fatal car crash.
> >
> >And "Surrey with the Fringe on Top" from Leland.
> >
> >Also the various big-band numbers that reduce Leland to hysteria, incl. 
> >PEnnsylvania 6-500.
> >
> >What about the various amateur-hour performances by a) James and Maddie and 
> >Donna and b) JJ Wheeler (feh!)?  they were so very forgettable that 
> >I've.....well, forgotten whether they were doing anything recognizable or 
> >not.

This doesn't technically fit the category of non-Badalamenti music, but 
there's a fast, twangy-guitar blues shuffle that crops up occasionally
(most recently in a scene at Norma's during a conversation between Norma
and Annie, and a while back during a Bobby/Shelly party scene) that is
about three notes away from being a copy of an instrumental by Freddy
King called "Side Tracked", recorded in the early 60's.  Close enough
for copyright infringement, if you ask me.  Another example of a white
boy getting rich on a black man's tune.

Personally, I kind of liked the scenes with everyone's favorite rebel-
without-a-brain leading a sing-along with the 2 girls.  Those drippy
gazes and longing ooo-ooo-ooo's, with the arpeggiated guitar chords
(full tremolo and reverb of course) was so... it reminded me of a cover
from one of those "True Romance" magazines of the 50's/60's.  ("He was
singing to me, but his eyes were serenading hers..").  The song was
original (whatever that means), but reminded me of a cross between 
"Sea of Love" and "The House of the Rising Sun".

I'm curious if anyone noticed what kind of guitar he had.  Looked like
an old Gibson ES electric hollow-body with a Bigsby twang bar.  

They seem to be going out of their way to make Donna look like a reject
from a 50's sitcom.  She always wears those little sweaters, and long
skirts, and was even drinking a 7 ounce Coke through a straw in a recent
scene.  The scene in 4/11 at the dinner table was priceless.

Donna:  "Mother, what's your relationship with Benjamin Horne?"
 (steel-eyed stare)
Mom: "Would you like some peas, dear?"
  (*yes, I paraphrased it, nitpickers needn't bother to bombard me with
    corrective comments)

And the big shocker: she's threatening to GO AWAY TO SCHOOL!!!  

Where are Ward and June Cleaver when you really need them?