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Subject: RS: Re: Things to Answer
From: (Rocky Giovinazzo)
Date: 1991-04-14, 12:26

> >From: (Robert Steven Glickstein)
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Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: RS: things to answer

> >This is an attempt to identify the important things that a really sexy
> >Grand Unified Theory of Twin Peaks would have to address (not only
	Here are some of my attempts to answer Bob G's questions
for the RS project.  Of course, most of this speculation, but that's
sort of what the RS thing is about right?

> >What happened to Josie, including her missing body weight?
> >What did BOB have to do with Josie's death?

> >Why was Josie sad at the beginning of episode 1000?
> >If Josie's spirit is still around, then are the spirits of other
> >	recently deceased people (esp. Laura) still around?
	At the beginning of 1000, Josie appears rather content, to me,
rather than sad while thinking and humming in front of her mirror.  
Nevertheless, when Pete leaves "gone fishing" Josie becomes worried
and turns her head trying to see exactly where Pete is going.  This
makes me believe that Josie knows something about Laura Palmer lying
outside near the shore and is wondering whether Pete will be the
one to discover her.  Josie has been haunted by BOB or
at least something in the past so that she knows "what happened to
Laura" through this spirit.  If Josie is humming anything but 
nonsense, it must be "the Nightingale" which was left playing 
repeatedly on Jacques turntable on the night of the murder.
	Just as Laura was strong enough to resist BOB and would
not "let him in," Josie was the alternate case, who could not
resist BOB or another spirit and did "let him in."  Josie
said that Eckhardt was her lover but also like a father to her--
similar to Leland's position with Laura.  This is
why Josie had "gone mad" and could not control herself-- thus
leading to shooting Cooper.  She told Cooper that she shot him
because he was there-- an enemy of the evil spirit possessing her.
	Because Josie was not as strong as Laura, BOB was able
to trap her spirit "in the wood."  Of course, I don't what
significance wood has as a trapping medium except that owls-- the
animal form that BOB and spirits can apparently take-- live in trees.  Because 
of this, Josie's spirit is not free.  Margaret, the log lady, has 
apparently found such a spirit also trapped in wood.  Fortunately, Margaret 
is one of the "gifted" who can communicate with such a spirit. 
On the other hand, Laura is a free spirit perhaps represented by the 
"spirit that wanders" that Hawk once referred to.

> >What is the effect of Halperidol?
	This drug is used to repress the effects of schizophrenia
and delusions-- i.e. victims of apparent possession on a recent 20/20
were put on halperidol.  Apparently, in Twin Peaks, this drug is 
effective at repressing truely possessive spirits.

> >Beside the fact that it just happened to precede her death, what did
> >	the events at Jacques' cabin have to do with BOB killing
> >	Laura?  (Cooper's dream led the way to the cabin; it had
> >	to have more significance.)
	I believe that Cooper's dream was really assistance from
"good" spirits-- i.e. the Giant and friends.  They wanted Cooper
to be able to understand the events leading up to Laura's murder
so that he would be better able to understand the the spirit, BOB.
This was in the interest of the "good" spirits since BOB must
be an enemy that they need Cooper to stop.

> >Who and what are the Tremonds?
	The Tremonds that we met appeared to both Laura and Donna
according to the secret diary.  They are probably "good" spirits
and appeared to Donna to help lead her to Harold and thus the
secret diary.  Again, this would have been done with the interest
of stopping BOB.

> >Who attacked Dr. Jacoby by the gazebo (Leland, right?) and why
> >	(jollies?  I don't think so...)?
	My theory is that Leland or BOB knew that Laura had been
seeing Dr. Jacoby and wanted to prevent him from revealing

> >Why do BOB and the Giant not resemble their hosts, but MIKE is only
> >	ever seen in Philip Gerard?
	Mike told Cooper that he is similar to BOB.  BOB was his 
familiar and thus is likely a different kind of spirit.  Perhaps he
is a kind that appears as his host, or perhaps Cooper is not
gifted "enough" to see Mike as his true self.  Also, familiars
are often creatures that can change between a human and animal form
(i.e. dirty-haired man to owl).  Their masters can "see" and "hear"
through their familiars and so acted this way for Mike.  

> >Why did Donna want Laura's sunglasses?  What explains the change in
> >	her personality between 1007 and 2001?
	Donna wanted to BE Laura.  In 1000, Mike even yelled something like,
"You and Laura! You're exactly alike!"  I think that this was nothing
more than a psychological thing after her best friend died.  Actually,
both Maddy and Donna wanted to be like Laura-- Maddy even told us this.

> >Why is BOB accompanied by the smell of scorched engine oil?
	This question is misdirected I think.  The smell of scorched
engine oil that Dr. Jacoby mentioned was in reference to James'
bike at the gazebo.  The burning smell that accomponied BOB at
the hospital and in the "Maddy dies" scene probably refers to 
BOB's association with fire.  Fire has been associated with evil
throughout the show.  Margaret said that fire was "the devil 
that hides in the smoke," indicating the BOB is an evil spirit.
"Fire walk with me," also refers to part of a Satanic ritual
(although it's not clear that Lynch/Frost meant it to be this
in the story of Twin Peaks) which again associates BOB with evil.

> >Cooper tells Albert "You'd be amazed at the connection between [Twin
> >	Peaks and Tibet]".  What did he mean?
	Cooper said this in reference to the fall of the Happy Generation of 
Tibet.  This apparently parallels the fall of the happy "quiet people"
that became a "nightmare" as Jean Renault told us.  Twin Peaks, a once
peaceful and happy town has been invaded by evil and corruption 
leading to the end of Twin Peaks' "Happy Generation."  This also
parallels the invasions of China into Tibet.  Just as the Bookhouse 
Boys fought off the evil in the woods for years and finally had
a temporary faliure in 1989(?), so did the Tibetans fight China's 
invasions for centuries until the successful invasion of Communist
China in 1950.

> >Meanwhile, I have a notion that ties together a couple of things.
> >Cooper and Caroline Earle were in love in Pittsburgh; Caroline was
[more about Caroline, BOB, etc.  deleted]
	I like this theory A LOT.  It really helps explain why the blonde
woman looks "almost exactly like Laura Palmer" and yet why "her
arms bend back." 

Rocky Giovinazzo