Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: RS: The Cattle Ranchers in Space Theory
From: (Luis Ramos)
Date: 1991-04-14, 07:53

The tatoos found on Maj. Briggs and the Log Lady were actually brands. The
Cattle Ranchers of the Sky [Aliens] have been branding people to indicate 
which ranch a person belongs to [Have you checked your birthmarks recently]. 
The petroglyph is a map, indicating the boundaries of the various ranches [The
map shows landmarks in addition to the boundaries]. The 8 symbols of the black
box give the 8 different ranches or tribes of aliens. Bob and Mike are two of 
three brothers which own the ranch which encompasses Twin Peaks. The third
brother is still unkown. There is a chance that it could be the hooded figure
we see from time to time. The two used to be real buddies but their 
relationship has turned sour over an argument which resulted on the burning of
a map of their ranch.

These aliens inhabit humans from time to time for entertainment. The human host
takes on characteristics of the inhabiting spirit. For instance, Nadine is
inhabited by someone who is very strong; Lana is possessed by a seductress; and
James is inhabited by a terrible actor.