Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: RS: the black box
From: jms@vanth.UUCP (Jim Shaffer)
Date: 1991-04-14, 16:05

In article <47126@ut-emx.uucp> osmigo@ut-emx.uucp (Ron Morgan) writes:
> >Well, I've got four comments/questions/whatever at this point (God, I love
> >this show...):
> >
> >1. Any speculations as to what's in that black "puzzle box" from Eckhardt?

I have no idea what's in the box.  Some devastating secret which will
destroy everyone's life, no doubt.  :-)

But as to the box itself:  The symbols on the top are intriguing.  (I know
I posted this before, but I didn't put RS: in the subject due to net-lag.)
There are a set of phases of the moon.	Around them are a set of symbols,
at least some of which represent the signs of the zodiac.  If I remember
rightly, the one on the center right looks like a paw print.  I don't
remember any zodiac symbol which looks like that!  Am I seeing it wrong?

Also, I'm pretty sure that somewhere in the UFO abduction literature
there's at least one reference to an abductee being shown a black box, with
the idea being implanted in her memory that "I'll know what to do with it
when the time comes."  Quite a few abductees seem to have the impression
that they've been programmed to act upon something in the near future.
Scary stuff!

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