Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: 4/11 - CNNHN drops other shoe.
From: (Michael Bruce Tomblyn)
Date: 1991-04-15, 18:46

> >NO! Because there will be a 4/18 episode. What worries me is that when
those 6 >were made, they didn't know that it was being canceled. So
unless they remake    >the last episode a lot of our questions will not
be answered. And if they do   >remake the last episode, I bet it will be
a real mess.

First off, if we can think back, there were TWO (2) versions of the
final episode (I mean 6 out of 6, not counting the last episode as two
hours.) This was to have an answer as to whether the show will be
renewed or picked up elsewhere. One leaves us hanging totally, and one
only partially. That brings up the other concern noted above. Lynch has
already stated that not everything will be answered in any case. To
quote him, "It would be much too depressing."

Also, it was not Lynch/Frost Prod. that decided to roll the last two
together. It was ABC's. They wanted to finish "the damn thing" off as
quickly as possible after sweeps. Plus, they will wait until the last
minute before axing the show officially so as to keep other interested
parties from any above-the-board deals (i.e. Fox, USA, Lifetime). Folks,
ABC is playing a waiting game with us, and I for one won't let them win.

Anyway, as to which ending will be shown---ABC has to announce the fate
of TP by the end of May, and the final show doesn't go until June
10.....The only question here is "Who decides the ending shown?" If ABC
does, they will surely show the one that wraps up most of the mystery so
no network will be able to do much with it, since all the answers will
have been revealed.