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Subject: Re: 4/18 scheduled show
From: (Mark Irwin)
Date: 1991-04-15, 22:54

In article <> (Albert R. Woo) writes:
> >In article <1599@west.West.Sun.COM> saunders@gesundheit.West.Sun.COM (Gene Saunders) writes:
> >>from the local weekly listing for Thursday, April 18 at 9pm (ABC):
>> >>
>> >>Twin Peaks - Cooper and Truman look deeper into the mystery of Owl Cave;
>> >>	     Windom [sic] Earle snares another captive;
>> >>	     romance blossoms for Cooper and Annie Blackburne.
>> >>
>> >>	     (In Stereo) (CC)
>> >>
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> >
> >Geez, doesn't this sound a lot like a description of the last episode? (4/11)
> >Are the story lines becoming this generic??  :-)
> >
> >                       --Albert Woo

It sure appears to be last weeks.  The write-up in my TV Guide says:

	Windom Earle stays a step ahead of the Cooper-led investigation,
	and he decides he wants to find out what Maj. Briggs knows.  
	Meanwhile, Cooper and Annie's romance flowers, but Wheeler and 
	Audrey's may be nipped in the bud when he's called out of town
	and she's not around;  Donna gathers more clues about her
	mother's connetion to Benjamin; Nadine makes a special


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