Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Comments/questions on 4/11
From: (Ronald V Picard)
Date: 1991-04-15, 03:38

>> >>
> >I don't think the chess game was trashed.  The reason the pawn is
> >sitting out in the gazzebo (sp?) is because Earle took the pawn
> >(BxKR3 - I know that's not the right notation but is the pawn that
> >was moved out in the last (4/4) episode).  This leaves Earle's
> >bishop extremely exposed.  I'm still curious as to what happens
> >when Coop takes one of Earle's pieces.  If black does not take
> >the white bishop, the white bishop will take the black bishop
> >(which is what I assume "someone you know will be next" follows
> >from).  It is my hypothesis that pawns are just "nobodys" that
> >get paid with beer :-) and the royalty are actual people in TP.
> >Unfortunately, I don't think there's enough time to wrap up the

> >game.

Well, the only piece Coop could take (that we know of) would be 
Leo.  It's not like he's got much of a part anyway.  

Ron Picard