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Subject: Re: WE, professor of English
From: (Janet M. Swisher)
Date: 1991-04-15, 08:24

In article <2314@novavax.UUCP> hal9000@novavax.UUCP (Computer Science) writes:
>> >>Trivia:
>> >>  I believe Shelley's (The poet) wife wrote "Frankenstein's Monster".
> >	     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> >Uh ... The 'wife' of Percy Bysshe(sp?) Shelley (the poet) has a name ... Mary
> >Wollstencraft Shelley (the author) ... for some reason I got offended at the
> >reference ... I feel better now.  Thank you for your support.

Yes, but getting her name right would have involved checking a
reference and getting the facts straight before posting, something
which seems to be rarely done on Usenet.  Why break with tradition?

Also, the name of the book is just _Frankenstein_, not "Frankenstein's

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