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Subject: RS: things to answer
From: jms@vanth.UUCP (Jim Shaffer)
Date: 1991-04-15, 10:23

In article (Robert Steven Glickstein) writes:
> >This is an attempt to identify the important things that a really sexy
> >Grand Unified Theory of Twin Peaks would have to address (not only
> >address, but hopefully tie together in an elegant fashion).  At the
> >moment I'm offering no answers, only a possible set of things to be
> >answered.  A path is formed by laying one stone at a time...

Here are some very speculative answers to a few of the questions...

> >Who is the Giant?

The Giant appears to be some sort of helpful entity.  Some New Age
philosophies believe that there are "Space Brothers" who appear to people
to warn them of the impending destruction of the Earth is mankind doesn't
change its evil ways.  Sometimes they offer to evacuate believers when the
end comes.  There are also stories from some of the more radical UFOlogists
such as John Lear, John Grace, and Bill Cooper that there is a war between
two types of entities: the small grey aliens that abduct people, and the
tall blond-haired aliens who are more of a "Space Brother" type of race.
The Blonds are usually said to be unwilling to physically intervene in the
Greys actions on earth, but they do try to warn us.  Both species of aliens
are sometimes credited with extremely strong psychic powers, including the
ability to materialize and dematerialize themselves and other objects
without the aid of their spacecraft.

> >What did BOB have to do with Josie's death?

Maybe he wasn't directly involved, maybe he was just lurking around and
decided to pop up and taunt Cooper.  No real reason for believing this,
just speculation...

> >If Josie's spirit is still around, then are the spirits of other
> >	recently deceased people (esp. Laura) still around?

Could be.  For instance, the name "Ghostwood" suggests that there could be
a lot of spirits hanging around.  But I don't know whether it means spirits
of deceased people, or independant evil spirits.  Remember that the
Bookhouse Boys are apparently intended to fight some unspecified evil which
lurks in the woods.

> >Why did Cooper dream about Tibet?

He's always been fascinated by Tibetan metaphysics, it seems, so it isn't
so unreasonable that the subject would enter his dreams occasionally.
(Some beliefs also place the White Lodge, or at least the earthly
manifestation of it, in that region.)

> >What does Twin Peaks have to do with Project Blue Book?

Maybe there's an underground alien base (or two) nearby, maybe the region
was visited by aliens in the past, maybe a lot of the residents are
abductees.  (I don't know if the abduction phenomenon was well-known at the
time of Bluebook.  Perhaps the Hill case was the only well-known case then.
Remember that Betty Hill could recall a star chart showing the aliens' home
when she was hypnotized.  Major Briggs also seems to have seen the Owl Cave
drawing somewhere before.)

> >What is the effect of Halperidol?

I think it's an anti-psychotic drug.  On a recent "20/20", the girl who was
posessed was being treated with it.

> >What is the full meaning of MIKE's poem?

An incantation for travelling between dimensions, or in time?

> >What ritual occurred in the traincar?

Maybe something was summoned and is still at large?  I originally thought
BOB was summoned by it, but it seems that he was there all along.  Could
there be entities we haven't met yet?

> >What's special about Cooper, Briggs, and Margaret, vis a vis their
> >	ability to commune with the supernatural?

Briggs and Margaret seem to be abductees, maybe Cooper is just
exceptionally pure of heart?  "The Gifted, and the Damned..."

> >Cooper asks the Giant, "Where do you come from?" and the Giant
> >	responds, "The question is, where have you gone?"  Does
> >	this imply that Cooper himself is transported elsewhere
> >	during his visions (as opposed to his visions coming to him).

Before things took a UFOlogical turn, I favored the theory that there were
two universes (dimensions, whatever...) and they overlapped at certain
times.	Whether this overlap is a natural, periodic thing or something that
has to be induced (via magick?) I don't know.

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