Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Some questions about 4/11
From: (^ Windom Earle ^)
Date: 1991-04-15, 09:34

	Did Leo Johnson write out his own arrest report?  Or do they just
happen to have copies of creative writing from Leo's high school days?  What
did Cooper compare Shelly's note with to make sure it was Leo's writing?

	I also thought it was funny when Hawk brought Leo's arrest record
to Cooper.  Cooper gives an ecstatic "Good work, Hawk."  He brought him a 
police file.  Dale seemed to think it was quite a task though.

	Now that Windom Earle has killed again, will Albert have to return
to do the autopsy?

	Someone posted that Annie's last name is 'Blackburne', I believe.
That must be Norma's maiden name then, and Vivian's original married name
before meeting Ernie "The Professor" Niles.  It was an interesting name
for the writers to pick.  The 'Black' part is an obvious attempt to link her
with a black piece on the chess board, probably the queen.  And 'burne' is
reference to fire.  Maybe the way Annie will die...

-Steven Greco