Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: You know what I wish?
From: (R o d Johnson)
Date: 1991-04-15, 20:39

I wish I could redesign Twin Peaks.  Take the basic story ideas, run
them through the incredible mill of brilliant, crazy, witless,
half-baked, insightful and inane ideas of this newsgroup, and then
take the finished product, sit down, and do a thorough, top-down
redesign of the whole schmear.  A basic symbolic scheme--no, schemes,
plural, all superimposed--a nice structure of agonists and antagonists
(no, again, structures); in short,as the SF people are wont,
pompously, to say, a "mythos."  Not too restrictive a mythos--I'd want
to leave room for growth and surprises.   THEN write the story, once I
was guaranteed that I'd have a coherent context to work in.

Does anyone else have this sort of feeling of what TP *could* have
been?  I'm not talking about a rational, ordered, Apollonian universe
for TP; I'm just bugged by the slap-dash, desperate-for-ideas mishmash
the show has become.  Every time I read this group, there's at least
one post that makes me say "oh YEAH!  Damn, I wish they'd do that!"
But they never do.  It makes me understand fan-fic and things of that
ilk.  I wish Lynch-Frost could just turn the show over to me and my
hand-picked cabal of buddies and say "Take as long
as you need, guys, but we want to be *wowed* when you're done."


-- Rod Johnson * * (313) 650 2315 "Poetry ends like a rope" --Jack Spicer