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Subject: Re: RS: a possible ending - but not all the steps to get there
From: (Craig R. Falkenham)
Date: 1991-04-16, 18:19

In article <> (John A. Breen) writes:
> >In article <> writes:
>> >>Final scene:
>> >>
>> >>We are just inside the doorway of Cooper's room at the Great Northern.  We 
>> >>see Cooper in a profile view sitting in a wooden chair at his desk/dresser 
>> >>staring blankly into the mirror in front of him (not wholly unlike the 
>> >>opening scene with Josie).  The woom is dark and warm and woody.  The
>> >>camera angle slowly moves towards Cooper circling around behind him.  Very
>> >>haunting TP music picks up in the background.  As the camera comes arond 
>> >>behind Cooper we can see his reflection in the mirror.  It is Bob smiling 
>> >>and laughing back out at him.  The picture fades to black.  "Lynch/Frost"
>> >>appears on the screen. 

Wow.  In a word ... wow.  I would never ... well, almost never think of this.

> >Not bad, but I personally think it's too predictable.  How about this:
> >
> >Same setting, but instead of staring into the mirror, Coop is intently
> >reading something.  We see BOB in the mirror, smiling one of his
> >maniacal grins.  Coop looks up suddenly, and we see Audrey's
> >reflection in the mirror (I always thought she had an evil streak).
> >Audrey: Sorry, did I startle you?
> >Coop: No, not at you smell something burning?
> >[fade to black]

Now this is something I would never expect.  Of course, that might make me
suspect it.  But, really, I would never have thought of this.

> >Of course, someone will have to work in a way for Audrey to be
> >involved in the final battle...

She gets kidnapped by Jean & ('et') Jacques Renault's long lost father ...
Dwayne Milford (The old guy living with Lana).

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