Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: RS: a possible ending - but not all the steps to get there
From: (Mary V. Burke)
Date: 1991-04-16, 08:17

[proposed scene of Coop seeing BOB in the mirror deleted]
#>>      That would be the _best_ ending!! This is the _only_ ending 
worthy of
#>> Twin Peaks!
#>>      If they don't end it this way, their ending doesn't count. :)
#> Problem: How does BOB posess him?

#Through his dreams.  It is known that he is either gifted or damned, for
#those are the only ones who can see him. 

Hmm, that explains how Coop can SEE him, but does seeing him mean that you 
will automatically be possessed?  Remember that Laura resisted him--and 
Coop, who knows so well what BOB is, would undoubtedly do the same.   It 
just doesn't seem likely to me that he of all people would succumb.  
Perhaps Annie will be possessed and Coop will have to kill her to save 
others' lives--that would be appropriately noirish and grim!

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