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Subject: Re: Some questions about 4/11
From: (Lara J Allen)
Date: 1991-04-16, 14:53

In article <> (^ Windom Earle ^) writes:
> >
> >	Did Leo Johnson write out his own arrest report?  Or do they just
> >happen to have copies of creative writing from Leo's high school days?  What
> >did Cooper compare Shelly's note with to make sure it was Leo's writing?

my assumption was that it was Leo's 'affadavit?'  his version
  of what happened.  Usually, there is a form that the suspect
  writes up and then signs.
not that i'd know from experience :-)  it's just my working assumption

> >to Cooper.  Cooper gives an ecstatic "Good work, Hawk."  He brought him a 
> >police file.  Dale seemed to think it was quite a task though.
i was amazed how Coop seemed to bark at Hawk when he asked
  for the police report.
it seemed much to...cold and authoritative (sp?) for him

> >	Now that Windom Earle has killed again, will Albert have to return
> >to do the autopsy?
we can always hope :-)

also, about the black box, there is a whole big connection between
  the phases of the moon and which planet is in which house.
  On any given day the moon is in a certain house and the planets
  relate to that by what is called 'aspects'  Well, actually the
  planets relation to the earth is an aspect.
i love astrology. 
regardless, i think that they were phases of the moon in relation
  to which house the moon was in.
i haven't quite deciphered the rest of it and i forgot to tape it.

Just my thoughts
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