Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Some Twin Peaks news...
From: (Jeff Davis)
Date: 1991-04-16, 07:18

Joe Zitt writes:
  Tom Neff writes:
> >
>> >> Jeff Davis wrote:
>>> >> >As the paterfamilias of a Nielson [sic?] family ...
>> >> 
>> >> It boggles my mind that someone could actually BE an A. C. Nielsen
>> >> household, with the log and everything, and STILL not know how to spell
>> >> the name.  On the other hand, maybe it doesn't...
> >
> >Do they have to list what the log watches, or does it always watch the 
> >same things that Margaret does?
> >
I must say a couple of things in my defense...well,one thing...We _were_
an A.C. Nielsen family once in a Galaxy (500XL) far, far away.

As for torturing our log....heh, heh, heh...I suppose you ought to know
I work here in Lexington on COOPER DRIVE....all cement now, he is...very
flat...very wide...It was the log what made me do it...Pave the nasty
white boy with the foolish pompadour, it said....The log knows, yes it
knows...You all didn't watch ALL of The Civil War like you let on
later....oh, no...the Log knows...heh..heh...What? Coming master....

-- Is this a long trip or a short trip?