Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: The symbols on the black box
From: (John A. Breen)
Date: 1991-04-16, 20:34

In article <> (Bernie Roehl) writes:
> >
> >There were 8 symbols, each associated with a phase of the moon.  Seven of the
> >symbols were zodiac signs: pisces, gemini, taurus, aries, cancer, libra and
> >sagitarius.  The eighth looked like a paw print.
After looking at the planet symbols in the encyclopedia, I'm fairly
well convinced that the eight symbol is capricorn (drawn very
cursively).  It's the only planet symbol that looks close, and I don't
think they'd change motifs midstream.

BTW, I've been able to pick out 3 of the 4 small symbols on the map:
Neptune, Mars, and Jupiter, but there's one on the right side of the
waterfall that looks like a '2' (no, not Jupiter).  Anyone have any
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