Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Need help, PLEASE!
From: jamsheed@athertn.Atherton.COM (Jamsheed Hayatghaib)
Date: 1991-04-17, 19:52
Reply-to: jamsheed@Atherton.COM

Hello fellow netters, I am in desperate need of season 1's
episodes 0 (pilot) and 1. With TP being cancelled, I'm afraid 
that sometime in the near future, this newsgroup will become
a thing of the past (Wouldn't that be a shame?!). As a result,
it will become extremely difficult to get a hold of the above 2
episodes. I will gladly reimburse you for whatever costs you might 
incur. I live and work in the South Bay (San Fran metropolitan)
and am willing to travel. My duplication capabilities are not that strong,
therefore, I would appreciate a duplicate copy. Are there any kind souls 
out there who might be able to help?

I can be reached at 408)734-9822 X297 or X285
My E-Mail address is: jamsheed@Atherton.COM

P.S. If you have the above 2 episodes but are unable to duplicate them,
     I then might be able to find a friend who could of help.