Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Peakoid Post-of-the-Month Award
From: (David L. Claytor)
Date: 1991-04-17, 11:00

WOW!  I nominate (Carol Miller-Tutzauer) for 
the Peakoid Post-of-the-Month Award for her article "RS: A Theory." 
Carol's theory goes the distance in bringing the TP saga a satisfying 
"full circle," (IMHO) and I urge Fiona to consider incorporating this 
material into her RS article.

Fr those of you who may have missed it, here's a repost of Carol's 

From: (Carol Miller-Tutzauer)
Subject: RS: a theory
Organization: University at Buffalo
I don't know if the theory proposed by
can be topped.  I really like the good-evil duality (TWIN peaks!),
White/Black lodges, etc.  This would make Twin Peaks the locale
of the twin struggle -- the setting for an ongoing morality play
in which the struggle between good-evil, heaven-hell, yin-yang
is manifest in every aspect of twin peak's existence.
Windom would be the primary human vehicle for the forces of the
Black Lodge, while Cooper equivalently represents the White
Lodge -- Windom damned, Cooper gifted.  The two are inexorably
drawn to Twin Peaks to engage in what Windom has been engineering
as the Final Struggle between the forces of dark and light.
Windom originally recruits Cooper to the FBI, becomes his
partner, and "tempts" him with his own wife in an effort to
corrupt him.  Because his efforts backfire (or are unsuccessful,
because the love of Cooper and Caroline is pure), we becomes
irate and "lunatic" ultimately being committed to a mental
hospital.  He plots and plans and finally escapes, setting in
motion his plot for trapping Cooper once more.  (Remember,
Cooper represents the ultimate "prize" in the conflict; "beating"
Cooper represents the triumph of the Black forces.  Windom
is attempting to change the balance of forces in the world.
Where previously, though all beings have the potential for both
good and evil, good tends to predominate.  Windom would like
the world to operate on HIS terms, black terms, rather than
white terms.  Remember:  The devil was an angel in heaven who
angered God.  God then banished the devil to hell for eternity.
This sets the stage for an enduring struggle between the forces
of heaven and hell.)  Back to WE's plot.  WE sets in motion the
events which draw Cooper to Twin Peaks -- the deaths of Teresa
Banks, Laura Palmer, and the near-death of Ronnette Polanski.
I really like the explanation that wood protects the evil owls
from being able to "see"; also that water purifies (baptism?).
Some additional comments.  Tibet is important because it is there
that Cooper discovers that there is a good-evil duality that
transcends individual religions (and religious beliefs).  This
is why there are such parallels among Tibet, Twin Peaks,
Christianity, the Bookwus beliefs, and so forth.
I believe the race is now on for Cooper to find (and disable
somehow?) the forces of the Black Lodge (by perhaps finding
the White Lodge first, to prevent WE from harnessing the
powers of the Black Lodge?).  Coop will "rediscover" the
Giant and the Dwarf who will assist him in his effort to
"send back to hell" the forces of darkness.  Hawk will be
instrumental as he will orchestrate a Native-based "exorcism"
which will ultimately release the trapped souls of Josie and
Margaret's husband.  They will not be brought back from
death, but their souls will be released to rest in peace.  As
a result HSTruman, too, will find inner peace.
So, the way I see the climax is some form of Native ceremony
to nix WE & the powers of the Black Lodge, knowing full well
that the dark forces will again someday surface in an effort
to overthrow the forces of the White Lodge.
Fiona -- I think this is it!

Geat stuff, eh? Thanks, Carol.


David L. Claytor