Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Laura's murder, Coop & WE
From: (Bill Reid)
Date: 1991-04-17, 08:34

In article <>, (S. A. Wilson) writes:
> > 
> > Now, I was wondering, if WE had foreknowledge about the White & Black
> > loudge did he have a connection to BOB--BOB did know about Pittsburg?
> > Now if WE had been planning all along to get COOP is it just mere
> > conincidence that Coop shows up in TP to solve a murder committed
> > by the entity BOB in the same town where WE knows to be the site
> > connected to the two loudges? Coop has stated before about two
> > things happening at the same time being just more than chance (sorry
> > if I am paraphrasing this wrong). So what if the murders were planned
> > to get Coop there to TP?--I guess not. But what other possibilites
> > are there?
> > 
There are none.  The "murder" of Laura Palmer was a setup designed to 
bring Cooper into the Twin Peaks area to do battle with the evil forces 
of the future/past.  The good forces of the future/past had to allow 
the sacrifice to bring the "gifted" physical ("time-stuck") 
entity Cooper into the crucial time-space Twin Peaks 1989.  This time-space 
area is crucial to the existance of the time-travelling denizens of the 
future (and past), as certain time-stuck physical entities (such as 
Mike and Bobby, as well as other children in Twin Peaks) have been 
bred specifically by the forces of evil with the intent of turning the 
course of "history" towards evil. Good will win, and Cooper will die at 
age 50.   

Pretty good grand unified crackpot theory, huh?  Hi Judy.