Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: TP on satellite
From: icj@yunexus.YorkU.CA (Ian Jarvie)
Date: 1991-04-17, 19:30

larryy@Apple.COM (Larry Yaeger) writes:

> >When Global Television failed to transmit its Twin Peaks feed today at
> >10am, I panicked, but... after a few phone calls I was able to determine:

> >* The cause:  Lynch/Frost were delivering the tapes late.  Expected time
> >  of arrival at last notice was 7pm, Toronto time.  The show airs there at
> >  9pm!

At 9pm a week later and the announcer says, "in place of the program
scheduled for this time we are showing the following program" and in
we go to an Assignment Adventure program about sharks!  Naturally the
Global switchboard is jammed so I cant get through.  Is this a failed
version of what was a last-minute rescue last week?  Will it appear
tomorrow on ABC or has there been yet another change.  Global's
obtuseness in not offering any explanation, or indication of when
their viewers can see it .

Is there anyone out there in netland who has any idea of what is going
on with TP?  Will it similarly disappear without warning from ABC
tomorrow night or is that a cinch?