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Subject: Re: Who killed her.
From: (Nick Nicholas)
Date: 1991-04-17, 19:12
Reply-to: (Nick Nicholas) (Janet M. Swisher) writes:
> >halcyon! (Demosthenes) writes:
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[Flamage on "Look it's trying to think" deleted]
> >The most appropriate response is for someone to email the original
> >poster and say "WKLP is revealed in episode 20xx.  You've just seen
> >10yy, so you'll find out in z more episodes."  

Which I did, having been stupid enough to read through the timeline (up
to about 2012; I couldn't take any more). To my countrymen and -women not
stupid enough to do similarly, we've just seen episode 2003, so it's in
another 7 episodes (I think).

The RS theories are great; keep 'em coming. I'll admit that, with WKLP an
open secret over here (a comedian was very proud to blurt out 'it was her
******' a week ago on national TV), some of the mystery has gone out of
TP. Well so what. You can look at Leland more closely now, and given a
recent artcile here, keep an eye out for Ben too. In any case, it should
be obvious that TP is not primarily about WKLP (though I missed the very
first episode). Indeed it's not really "about" anything in particular,
and I don't sympathise with Laura all that much anyway. What TP does is
make you go wow, huh?, eek!, and hohoho, at a faster pace and with more
inventiveness than anything I can recall, UFO hypothesis or no UFO hypo-

Wish I'd taped and slow-mo'd Ronette's flashback to the traincar at the
end of 2001 (?). Laura looks damn gruesome. What was wrong with her eyes -
was that cuts?

I haven't seen an obvious fall in quality quite yet, but admittedly 1005
was a severe letdown after 1004 (the bit where Audrey cries for Leland
beating his head on the dancefloor was one of the most touching bits of
TP to date), and 1007 was too overlayered a parody of cliffhangers. 2001
was good, but I wouldn't say it was greater than 1004 - I think the difference
was that in 1004, Frost et al realised they had a murder mystery to solve,
and put together a plethora of clues, whereas 2001, concerned with updating
the viewers, had some dull moments, and the undull moments were very confusing.

Oh, and people *do* realise that TP is a pisser of a comedy too, right?
Just checking.

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