Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: RS: Another Overall Theory
From: (John Mahlon Van Scyoc, III)
Date: 1991-04-17, 17:55

The Metaphysics of Twin Peaks

(AKA  Another Grand Unification Theory)

I.  Introduction to the Theory

Twin Peaks allows us a look at the overall structure of the world. 
Because the town is an important structural element in the construction
of the world, as will be discussed later, a study of the town provides
information regarding the structure of the world as a whole.

What we see is that the world is essentially a two dimensional binary
dichotomy.  The two essential components of the world break into two
parts.  These different components are then interrelated to form the
complex entirety of reality.  There are other lesser dual structures as
well, which will not be addressed in this theory.

Therefore, Twin Peaks provides a peek at the twinness of the world -- a
twin peek.  (All right, this is kind of weak, but oh well.)

II.  Structures of Reality and Existence and Who Belongs Where

One of the primary dichotomies in the Twin Peaks world is the White
Lodge and Black Lodge distinction.  It is obvious from the continual
references that this is an important part of the world.  The White Lodge
can be considered the essence of "good", or "Heaven", or other such
concepts, whereas the Black Lodge is the essence of "evil", "Hell", and
so forth.  These two places are indestructible states of being and
together form the dimension of Lodge.

The second primary dimension involves the difference between the
physical and spiritual worlds.  The physical world consists in that
which has a physical, material existence. (This is admittedly a bit of a
circular definition, but philosophy can be that way sometimes.)  The
entities in the physical world can be perceived by any other conscious
entity whether physical or spiritual.  Spiritual entities, however, are
those that lack physical existence, and they cannot be perceived by
purely physical entities.  These two groups form the dimension of

For the most part, an entity can be categorized according to its
dimensions.  For example BOB is a spiritual agent of the Black Lodge,
whereas the Giant is a spiritual agent of the White Lodge.  Humans are a
combination of physical and spiritual components, thus complicating
things a bit.  The original spirit in a human shell is confined by the
physical, and therefore can appear to have attributes of either Lodge
because of the indefiniteness of physical existence.  However, all
spirits, even those contained in humans, are associated uniquely with
one Lodge.

The "gifted" and the "damned" are those humans who have heightened
connectivity between their physical and spiritual selves.  Among the
gifted are Cooper, Major Briggs, and Margaret (alias The Log Lady). 
Earle is among the damned.  These people are sometimes capable of
perceiving pure spiritual forms and in general are more in tune with the
overall structure of reality.

The stronger of the pure spiritual entities can "possess" physical
objects or beings.  One of the favorite things to inhabit is an owl. 
The weaker spirits are forced to be confined in objects, usually wooden,
or to have no connection to the physical.

Laura was one of the gifted.  She had a very strong spiritual element
which BOB hoped to gain control of, or to at least transfer to his
Lodge.  However, she was enough in control of herself that she would not
let him have it, which forced her to allow her physical self to be taken
by the Black Lodge, first through her way of life, and finally through
her death.  She realized that that was the only way to assure that BOB
would not gain control of her spirit.  Once her spirit was free of the
body, BOB could no longer get to it.

III.  Twin Peaks and the Space Connection

Twin Peaks, along with other places, including areas in Tibet
apparently, is a portal or gate between the two sides of the different
dimensions.  The waterfall outside the Great Northern is the actual
physical location of the joining.  However, the field effects envelope
all the surrounding area.  At these places physical and spiritual, and
White Lodge and Black Lodge come in direct contact with one another. 
This causes many strange and mysterious activities to occur.  These
sites are continually in turmoil to various degrees, and the
repercussions are perceivable by anyone who looks carefully, no matter
what their Existence and Lodge affiliations may be.  However, only those
with special capabilities can understand the significance and cause of
the events.

Normal activities are distorted by the interference effects of the
dimensions.  One example of this is the large amount of contorted sexual
activity that occurs in and around Twin Peaks.  The normal beauty of
sexual intimacy, an element of the White Lodge, has been so distorted as
to be a completely different thing.  Most of the "bonking" (sp?) in the
area is not an expression of love between two people, but rather is a
twisted combination of physical and spiritual relations.

These various strange occurrences led humans in the past to leave
descriptions and explanations of various sorts, thus the petroglyphs. 
They many times formed their beliefs around the idea that the events
were caused by aliens.  Even to the present day, people have mistaken
the events to be tied with aliens, thus Project Blue Book and other
investigations.  In reality, the strong powers are completely within the
multiple dimensions of the Earth, not on other planets.  The various
planet and moon references associated with Twin Peaks are either of
timekeeping nature or brought about by mistaken explanations of causes.

IV.  Conclusion

In summary, Twin Peaks is an integral connection in the structure of the
world.  The town contains one of the joining places for the physical and
spiritual realms, as well as the White and Black Lodges.  This joint is
the cause for the strange activities in the area, and the reason for the
convergence of various people and beings to the town.

V.  Disclaimers

A.  Credit goes to anyone whose ideas I have read and used somewhere in
the above.
B.  I extend apologies for roughness of content, style, or form, but I'm
an engineer, not a writer.
C.  I apologize for any obvious errors and the lack of details and
completeness, but I wanted to post something at this point.
D.  If you think this is totally ludicrous, feel free to ignore my babblings.

Thank you for your patience.

John M. Van Scyoc III

Solid State Group
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University