Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: The Twin Peaks board game (?) Anyone interested?
From: (Craig R. Falkenham)
Date: 1991-04-17, 16:17

I don't know if this is of any interest to anyone, but I recently acquired
some old Entertainment Weekly magazines.  In the May 11, 1990 issue (when
TP was still fairly new), they published a two page 'board game' based on
the characters and events of the show:  Twin Peaks - A Game For 15-20 Million

Some of the game squares are:

	- Now entering Twin Peaks.  Tell Diane your mileage.
	- You meet Nadine and ruin her drape runners.  She hates you.  Lose
	  a turn.
	- Talk to Agent Cooper over coffee.  DAMN fine coffee.  Move ahead
	  five, fast.
	- Leo finds you.  Go to the hospital.
	- The Log Lady's log has nothing to say to you.  Move back four.
	- Visit the sheriff's office.  Lucy has an important clue for
	  you.  Listen to her explain it.  Go around in circles.  Then
	  move ahead four.
	- Get lost in those wonderful douglas firs.

Since the number of peak-freaks out there is staggering (to say the least),
I thought that maybe there might be a couple of people out there who might
want to have a copy of this.  If you can get ahold of it yourself, I urge
you to.  It's got practically everything from the first part of the first
season on it.

If you can't get ahold of it yourself, then I can help.  Send me some mail
and I'll let you know my address.  There's no cost whatsoever.  Ok, there is
a cost, but just the price of one stamp (hey, I don't know the number of
people who might respond to this.  It could be two, or two hundred.  And two
hundred times the price of a stamp is ... well, it's money out of my pockets.
And stamps are like gold in my house).  You send me a self-addressed
stamped envelope (8.5 * 11) and I will send you a copy.  Sorry - it's black
and white for everyone; the photo copier at work doesn't do color copying.

Just trying to help ...

Craig R. Falkenham
The Master of the Obvious