Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Twin Peaks on Canadian TV/Satellite
From: larryy@Apple.COM (Larry Yaeger)
Date: 1991-04-17, 19:22

Yikes!  Not only did Global not feed TP at 10am PDT today, they didn't even
uplink it real time at 6pm PDT like they did when the tapes showed up late
last week.  At the earlier time slot, they uplinked a message that the tapes
were unavailable, and would be "time sent at 21:00" - which I took to mean
that they would again uplink it real-time as the show was aired (21:00 in
Toronto being 6pm PDT).  At the evening time slot, however, they uplinked a
message stating that the tapes were *still* unavailable!

Any Canadian TP viewers:  what was aired in TP's normal time slot?  And was
there any statement made about when TP would air?

Does anyone have any other useful information about when the show might be
uplinked (other than its usual Thursday night slot on T2 and the various
ABC affiliates out there)?
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