Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: UPDATE: Project Rolling Stone
From: (Fiona Oceanstar)
Date: 1991-04-17, 16:32

Tuesday AM, 4/16

Many thanks for all the supportive and interesting letters I've
read.  With only one or two exceptions (which were expressed most
mildly and politely), everyone who's written to me is enthused about
helping me write an article about for _Rolling_

As for your most insightful questions about the "guidelines" for
the project, these thoughts come to mind:
   --first and foremost, I caught a bug over the weekend, and still
under the weather, so I'm behind on my reading of the newsgroup--I'm
saving it all, though
   --so I don't have anything concrete (or cement) to say yet
   --BUT I agree with those who say that "solving" the mystery (if
that can be done) is only part of the picture--mostly, what I have
in mind is to take my previous article that was published in the
_Gazette_, expand it with more theories, more names of netters, more
hoopla, and more of that patented _Rolling_Stone_-silly-blather
(assuming I can write some of it (-:), and just see what happens.
The point is 1) to have fun, and 2) to get the article out, and only
3) to have it accepted, paid for, or otherwise lauded.  The rewards
will be in the doing.
   --I now stand corrected about the schedule, that there will be a
show on the 18th, and frankly I just can't justify not watching it (!),
so I'm bagging the idea of trying to keep myself spoiler-free from
the 11th on.  We'll have plenty of time before the June closing episode
to chatter away.

Thus, in terms of format, I see no need to use the "RS:" in the header
except if you want to just to grab my attention.  :-)  I'll be playing
the role of spectator and scribe at this show, more than actual partici-
pant, so don't expect more than the occasional note from me.

I *do* want to keep firmly in mind, though, the idea of credit where
credit's due, so this week I'll begin jotting down names and e-addresses
of those who are contributing, so I can compile a little mailing list
for when it gets to the point of double-checking who said what and who
wants to be known by what name.

Sorry for any earlier confusion--when I'm hot on an idea, I'm not always
the most coherent person in the world.  "All-inconclusive," indeed!  :-)

						--Fiona Oceanstar