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Subject: Windom doesn't scare anyone (was Re: GEMINI Symbol and more)
From: (Kevin Thompson)
Date: 1991-04-17, 19:25

If article (Rocky Giovinazzo) writes:
> >I realize that it's too late to bother discussing this due to the demise of
> >the show, but it seems like the something that's "missing" from the show,
> >the something that may have kept so many viewers continuing to watch the
> >show last year, is not just the feeling of "dread" (as mentioned in earlier
> >posts), but also the fear of a real killer on the loose and the lack of
> >strong emotional response by the people of Twin Peaks to death that we saw
> >when Laura died......On the first note, yes, I realize that Windham is
> >loose, but the problem is that no one seems to care much......If Cooper
> >gathered people together when Laura was killed to discuss the possibility of
> >a serial killer on the loose, then he certainly should have told them about
> >Windom in a similar meeting.  Killing by means of a parallel chess game is
> >pretty "serial" if you ask me.

I really liked this (and thus quoted it :).  I was talking to my SO after
last week's episode, and we agreed roughly the same thing, that try as we
might we just can't get scared of Earle.  I doubt it's the actor's fault --
BOB has pretty big shoes to fill, as it were.  But I keep thinking how weird
it is that little to no effort seems to be going into finding Windom -- e.g.,
extra patrols, I dunno, I'm no policeman, anything -- they just keep waiting
around for him to kill someone else it seems.  But I think you've hit
something crucial on why I think the show is so much less satisfying (to me
at any rate) -- there isn't the same overriding suspense or urgency to the
whole town.

I can't imagine how they're going to tie this all up, and am impressed by
many of the efforts so far.

Kevin Thompson

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