Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: The Finale Sucked A Big One
From: (Lynn Z. Schneider x2077)
Date: 1991-06-11, 12:18


I am so pissed at Lynch. I waited *months* to see this show, and I could
have spent two hours doing something much more productive and getting
a life.

I didn't expect *all* the loose ends to be tied up, but Lynch left so many 
major things hanging, that it's not even worth mentioning them all. Many
of them were things that he had built up to be very significant (such as
BOB finding his way out of the Black Lodge in the last show before the 
final hiatus!) If BOB apparently no longer needs a host, why is he inside
Coop now?

The whole show just annoyed me. The drawn-out scene in the bank was a time
waster. And all those minutes of Coop running in and out of red rooms was
dizzying and annoying. Laura Palmer's screaming was unnerving and cloying. 
And Naedine getting clunked on the head and regaining her memory was so 

As for Cooper looking in the mirror and seeing BOB, about a dozen people on
this newsgroup "predicted" that months ago. 

I wanted to be knocked off my seat! I wanted to be blown away!

Twin Peaks has, in my opinion, ended with a small whimper and a bunch
of stupid cliches. Even if there is a movie, I won't pay $7 to see it. 

I'm disapponted, angry, annoyed, and just plain pissed off. I think that
we deserved a finale that was much better thought-out. I consider last
night's show an insult.

That's my 2 cents. 
-- Lynn Schneider {sun,sharkey,pacbell}!indetech!lzs Fremont, CA